Top Tips on how to break into Web Development

If you are thinking of working in web development, a sound knowledge of the technologies and the right interpersonal skills are essential. This is a fast-changing and rapidly growing market with lots of opportunities for people with the right skills. However, with growth comes increased competition, so here is some guidance on how to become a web developer by translating your skills into a great job and standing out from the crowd.

Know your market
Getting to know the web development job market is crucial. Make sure you have the right technical skills for a first job in web development. A solid grounding in all the basics will allow you to find your feet in the industry, discover what you enjoy and then develop a niche. Working for others is just as valuable as freelancing when it comes to gaining experience and learning about the industry, and will help you to build upon and add to your existing skills. Check out jobs boards to find out what skills employers are asking for. Keep up-to-date with current trends and industry news and update your skills as needed with online tutorials and courses.

A fabulous portfolio
You will need examples of your work in order to sell your skills and to make yourself stand out. If you are freelance or self-employed, you will have your own website through which to market yourself and it is important to include links to other work you have done. If you work for others, a portfolio of work is crucial to show to potential employers and to showcase your skills and talents. You may wish to include testimonials from others for whom you have worked.

If you are just starting out and do not yet have a portfolio, you could volunteer your services to others who need website advice and show them how you can make improvements and help with the design. You can then build a portfolio of work this way, gaining experience as you go.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, a network of contacts within the industry helps to forge valuable links which can be mutually beneficial. As well as simply raising awareness and heightening your profile, networking can lead to valuable recommendations and referrals and be a stepping stone to the next job or role. Joining a network like WPDN can really help you to kick start your career and build a client base, something which is especially important in a market which is based online and in which face-to-face communication is becoming ever more reduced.

Social media
Using online sources of networking and forming connections is also beneficial, and using social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be a means of advertising your skills. Use these sites wisely and any comments you post can showcase your knowledge of web development and your authority on the subject.

Each of these areas can be used to highlight and showcase your skills in web development and help you to enter the web developer market successfully.

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